5 Tips on How to Overcome Fear

Everyone has fears, and it’s perfectly normal. While it may be the reason why we still have fresh ideas for horror films, fear is a fundamental aspect of being human. However, when fears prevent us from achieving our goals and pursuing our dreams, they become obstacles in life. The distress from these fears can affect our physical and mental functionality, eventually leading to feelings of intense anxiety or nervousness.

Are your fears keeping you from moving forward with your goals and dreams? Do you want to conquer said fears and lead a fulfilling life? These 5 tips will show you how to overcome fear and transcend them.

Tips on How to Overcome Fear

how to overcome fear

1. PUT YOUR FEAR UNDER A MICROSCOPE – Of course, I’m not referring to an actual microscope, unless you have a fear of dirt or germs (Mysophobia is the fear of contamination by either dirt or germs, by the way, in case you needed a label for that). Trying not to think about the thing you’re scared or worried about can be difficult at times. Instead of ignoring those thoughts, examine your fear completely.

Make a note of the exact things that you’re scared about and how each specific fear makes you feel. What are the physical side-effects of this feeling, and what are you missing out on because of that fear? Perhaps that would be incentive enough to work slowly and surely against the fear.

how to overcome any fear

2. PUT YOUR FEAR INTO CONTEXT – Answer the question: Logically, what is the worst thing that could happen? The mere fact that you’re nervous about tackling a particular situation (whether it’s preparing for a business meeting, learning how to drive, starting a new relationship etc.) shows that you are taking things seriously, which is incentive enough to tackle your fear.

how to overcome worry and fear


3. RATIONALIZE – Look at your notes (more particularly the answer to the “Worst Thing That Could Happen” question) and ask yourself: What are the odds of that “worst thing” actually happening? More than likely, there’s a slim chance that the thing you’re worried about can and will happen. Take time to think about your situation logically. If your emotions are getting the better of you, always take a deep breath, count in slow rhythmic breaths, and retry your process.


Physical Relax to overcome fear

4. FORCE YOURSELF TO PHYSICALLY RELAX – Stretch. Take long, deep breaths. Keep your breathing steady and your blood pressure low. Try to release any tension you’re feeling in your body. Remember that fear leads to tension, which can result in chronic pain.



5.  ACCLIMATE YOURSELF TO THE FEAR – Sometimes, the best thing to do is face your fear and try to get used to it. Usually, the more often you do something, the less scary it gets. Keep in mind that repetition makes it easier to alleviate fear.


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