Peace of Mind is a collaborative effort of like-minded individuals coming together, using their skills, to make audiovisual entries which focus on the ills and concerns of Caribbean society.

Created by Mind of Khan founder Mikkell Khan, he saw an opportunity through the vast adaptation of social media and the inevitable move to quick, informative, but visually appealing media content. He says, “The media narrative controls the perceived reality for many in society.

With this power; it usually portrays events in our community in a negative, gloomy light. I decided to use my ability as a creative producer to develop content that spoke to the audience, not only focusing on their fears, but also their reality, their hopes, and their real potential.”

Join and assist us in this journey as we seek to educate and enrich the lives of our citizens, one thought-provoking idea at a time.


Peace of Mind is a subsidiary of the Mind of Khan Studios.