Eight Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure

EVERYONE HAS A FEAR OF FAILURE. From the businessman working on a project to the student preparing for exams, we all fear failure – and it’s this fear that holds us back from truly living a fulfilling life. But believe it or not, failure isn’t as bad as your mind makes it out to be. Matter of fact, failure is actually a GOOD THING.

Successful people, for example, weren’t BORN successful. They went through a long process of trial and error, making lots of mistakes along the way and failing many times. In that process, they learned something new, gained some new insight, acquired a new skill set or started a new relationship. Also, they’ve tried and failed so many times (and learned from these failures) that they mentally reach the point of being NUMB TO FAILURE. Therefore, we need to numb ourselves to the idea that failure is an entirely bad and terrifying thing.

Here are some ways to identify and overcome fear of failure.

Ways To Overcome Fear Of Failure

ways to overcome fear of failure

1. IDENTIFY THE ROOT CAUSE – Where does your fear of failure originate? Sit down, take a few deep breaths, ask yourself when your fear of failure was formed, and observe what you see, feel, or hear.

When you see what caused your fear of failure, you also see that your mind’s interpretation is far from accurate. It’s easy to see how your past self-interpreted events. But if you look at the event as an outsider, you see that it had nothing to do with you. It’s crucial to examine your negative beliefs. They have a big influence on how you live your life.

get rid of fear of failure


2. SIMPLIFY – Complexity is hard to visualize. If you try, you end up feeling overwhelmed. Everything may begin to feel hopeless and not worth doing, because you just don’t know how, or where, to start.

Clarity emerges when you simplify the tasks in front of you. By breaking everything down into actionable pieces, you’ll have no problem taking action. And if you’re not sure of what to do, simply ask someone, or seek out the information you need. In addition, be determined to make it work. If you don’t have that fire burning inside of you, think twice about moving forward.

conquering fear of failure


3. FAILURE IS INEVITABLE – Failure is inevitable if you want to live a remarkable life. We all want to live a life full of passion, meaning, and purpose. But it’s not going to happen if you succumb to your fears and seek the comfortable path. Sooner or later you will have to overcome the fear of failure, and you will have to overcome many other fears during your lifetime.

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting in overcoming your fears. However, the more you move through tough periods, the more you grow. If you want the life of your dreams, make failure a part of your life. Embrace the temporary pain of uncertainty and struggle.

fear of failure at work


4. FAILURE IS TEMPORARY – Failure feels permanent, but it isn’t. When you imagine failing, you probably play an internal movie until you fail, and the credits roll. But real life doesn’t work like that.

Consider some of your favorite movies. The protagonist may struggle. He or she may fail over and over again until a vital lesson is learned. You can’t predict the future, which means you don’t know if failure is good or bad. If you learn from it and keep going, chances are it’s going to improve your chances of success. Failure molds you into your ideal self.

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5. SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE – Who taught you that failure is a bad thing? It feels bad, so it must be bad. Is that really true? Every belief and thought that makes us feel bad needs to be examined. What good does a fear of failure do us?

It’s easier said than done to eliminate negative beliefs, but it all starts with being aware that a problem actually exists. The last thing you want to do is get mad at yourself for not being perfect. We all have our unique fears. They often serve a hidden purpose that only reveals itself in hindsight.

Your fears help you grow in the way you need to grow. You realize your negative beliefs when they need to be realized. There is no rush. This is not a competition. You’re doing just fine. Look at each failure as a blessing in disguise. It is not through our successes that we become wise, but through our failures.

how to fight fear of failure


6. SELF-GROWTH – We all have the same basic fears. While some get through them easily, others become stuck. Use your fears as signposts that tell you where you have room to grow.

Fear of failure is something everyone has to face. It may feel horrible. That’s because you imagine it to be so in your mind. Look at the pictures and thoughts that come up when you think about the fear of failure.

What do you see? Do you see yourself failing in front of a large group of people, which then proceed to laugh and ridicule you? This is a story. A movie. You can let it all be.
In a way, you’re not afraid of failing, you’re afraid of the mental movie you keep playing.

how to come out of fear of failure


7. TAKE ACTION – Thanks to the Internet, we have a sea of information at our fingertips now than ever before. You can learn and do whatever you feel inspired to do. But you can also drown in that sea if you don’t know how to swim.

The key is to learn enough to take the next step. When you blend action with the guidance that comes from your heart, your progress will be fast, powerful, and fulfilling. While most people wait for the perfect moment, you will be out there learning, doing, and growing. That is what will get you to the life of your dreams.

how to reduce fear of failure

8. IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE – Imagine a future where fear controls your life. What does it look like? Where do you end up? Do you think you would regret it when you’re taking your last breath?

Now imagine your life, having followed your passion despite your fears. You would be living the life you always desired. You would look back at your life without regret. Mistakes will have been made, you may even have embarrassed yourself once or twice and you may feel sorry for yourself – but it’s not going to change your life.

In order to live a regret-free life, you have to be willing to make mistakes. Live life for you, not for anyone else. This is your experience. Enjoy it – despite the mistakes you’ll inevitably make along the way.


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