A step-by-step guide on Self Motivation

By definition, self motivation means a drive or impulse towards something you want. Vision creates motivation, as one must be able to envision the goal in mind before moving towards it. From the successful business owner to the renowned motivational speaker, motivation is the driving force in ensuring that one’s purpose in life is realized and achieved.

As you may know already, being motivated – and staying so – requires hard work. Holding on to your dreams is a continual challenge, especially when it seems like all your efforts, genuine as they may seem, are in vain. And for some, developing that drive to achieve their dreams can be very difficult. The following guide will show you how to motivate yourself into accomplishing the goals, achieving the dreams and living the life you were destined to live.

1. Recognize the distinction between EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION and INTRINSIC MOTIVATION. Extrinsic Motivation refers to motivation from external incentives (for example, the rewards you receive from your teacher, boss, significant other etc. if you excel at a particular task, and the “punishment” avoided in the process) whilst Intrinsic Motivation refers to the metaphorical “fire” that burns in your heart and fuels you to pursue your own dreams.

2. Once you recognize that distinction, make a conscious shift from Extrinsic Motivation by the avoidance of external sources to motivate you. Instead, have a clear vision of something worth fighting for in your life. Envision yourself as someone with a purpose in life, a mission that MUST be accomplished no matter what.  Your belief in this purpose, if strong and compelling enough, will continue to motivate you throughout your life. Consequently, your drive will motivate others to find their own purpose in life and pursue them.

3. Really decide what your purpose is in life. While there’s no problem having internal purposes (like having your own business or a long-term relationship), what will really get you motivated is when your purpose is outside yourself. In other words, you need to figure out what is truly meaningful to you. What do you want your life to be about and what are you willing to sacrifice to see it achieved? What do you want your contribution to the world to be? Having your own business or teaching others how to start their businesses? Being in a long-term relationship or teaching others how to maintain a long-term relationship?

4. Create a big goal/vision for yourself.  Create a picture in your mind of what you want. This picture must be vivid, specific and ambitious. If it’s ambitious, you’ll feel as if it’s something WORTH accomplishing. Get a piece of paper and write down (or draw, if you’d like) your vision in detail. Give yourself about an hour or less to get this done.

5. Take this big goal/vision and put this into the larger context of your life. Most times we come up with a vision, but we don’t actually see how it affects our life in our present and future. Visualize the possibilities of your big goal (e.g. being able to eat healthy foods, being free of negative emotions etc.) and imagine yourself in those possibilities and what they might look like in the future.

6. Now picture what would happen if you don’t motivate yourself to take action in achieving your big goal. Similar to the previous point, visualize the possibilities of what would happen to you 5, 10, even 20 years from now if you don’t pursue your dreams, then imagine yourself in said possibilities.

7. Reconnect with your goal on a regular basis. This is the most critical part of motivating yourself. Whether it’s journalising, meditation, visualization, affirmations, or even talking to a close friend, you must decide what activity or habit you will perform to reconnect yourself with your vision and COMMIT to it.

I hope that this article motivated you to find your true purpose in life. How do you keep yourself motivated throughout the ups and downs of everyday living? Feel free to let us know, and make sure to share this article so others can benefit from it. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Peace of Mind Facebook page for the latest updates on our blog and video contributions.