The Family That #EatsTogether….

Social media and digital technology are so commonplace in today’s society that normal, “old-fashioned” social interaction has become a secondary aspect of everyday life. Social get-togethers are shared online via pictures and video, and are seemingly “judged” by peers through “likes”, “loves”, “shares” and “dislikes”. Reading emoji-filled messages are more convenient than meeting someone in person. It’s almost as if we are being drawn away from humanity and sucked into a digital universe.


In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, President’s Choice Financial organized a contest centered on the tagline “When we eat together, good things happen”. This contest involves taking a picture of a dish of your choice (“whether it’s poutine, pad thai, paella, or pemmican”), and posting it on Instagram, Twitter or the President’s Choice Facebook timeline, using the hashtags #EatTogether and #PC150Contest.


The #EatTogether promotional video is quite interesting as it emphasizes the “eating together” aspect of the contest whilst dispensing the need for digital technology and social media. What starts off as a woman’s simple observation of random individuals focused entirely on their smartphones and laptops ends with her decision to host a simple dinner with her daughter and their neighbors in the hallway of the apartment building they call home.


For one moment, these characters are at a table with warm smiles and warmer food. As simple as this concept is, it does highlight how over-reliant we’ve become to digital technology and social media. Sometimes, stepping away from your computer, smartphone, tablet or television to socialize with someone seems like an incredibly daunting task, when it can actually be quite beneficial and rewarding to yourself and others.

So do yourself a favor and take some time away from the hypnotic glow of the smartphone, tablet, television or computer screen. Take a walk. Get some fresh air. Exercise. Practice a skill. And most importantly, interact and spend time with friends, family, loved ones, co-workers and, if possible, someone new. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be a dinner invitation or two to look forward to in the near-future.


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Watch #EatTogether here: